lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

So, I have just three things to tell you: SORRY, THANK YOU and PLEASE
I’m SORRY if sometimes I say stupid things without sense and that annoys you; For don’t show my real me everytime even when you asked me for it and be false is not what you prefer; If I never have a nice atitude for you; If you deserve more and I can’t give it to you I just really hope that me will be sufficient for you .
THANK YOU for bring me to life again; for take me off of the loneliness, for show me how beautifull Could be the life when you have a person who loves you by your side; for understand me; for make possible the posibility of a new love .
And at last, PLEASE; Just please don’t go, don’t dissapoint me, don’t lie to me, don’t untrust me, don’t make me unhappy and over all

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